Need Gray

"You wouldn't even let me sing my own damn song!"
- Billie Joe Armstrong

"You're going to all the shows? That's really weird."
- Chris DeMakes


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Green Day
Less Than Jake
Coffee Project
The Copyrights
Have Nots

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Chris: “Har, har, har, I believe I have just shat myself.”
Vinnie: “…Someone wanna switch places with me?”


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Chris: Why aren’t you sitting in a pub or something?

Isabel: We’re waiting for JR

Chris: Why???

Isabel: So we can get stickers

Chris: Stickers???


the expression of both bewilderment and disgust on his face was priceless.


What would Roger do without us? :D

If I could follow my favourite bands on tour all the time then life would be perfect. Best trip I’ve ever been on :)